October 8, 2010


Chuck and I are always really excited when October 1st comes rolling around because that means it times to really jazz up the house. We love decorating for Holidays and while I put out the fall decorations in September the house isn't super festive until October. And guess what??? IT'S OCTOBER!! 

We pulled out our three tubs of Halloween decorations!! Yes they are black to coordinate with Halloween...I like to be organized.

While we started with the inside decorating first I am going to show you our decorations working from the outside in. We actually just finished our decorating of the outside last night...this year we only did our front patio. The back patio will get decorated next year!!

Welcome to our Home!

Don't you just love our Welcome sign! My Aunt and Uncle gave us that for our Housewarming gift along with holiday banners and an everyday banner!

This year we decorated the door. Usually that gets wrapped out the front pole but I thought itd be more fun on the door. And yes I was right :-) Also those "heads" hanging from the door handle and on the side of the condo are motion sensored. Meaning they move and make noise when someone comes close to them. I LOVE IT!

Here is our little Halloween village that we set up on the breakfast bar. This is Chuck's favorite part of our decorations and he always sets it up :-) It's pretty neat, two of the pieces light up and make noise! We have found all of these pieces in Michael's but this year we didn't really care for the new stuff.

Our entry table got a little festive!

We both LOVE this sign. We got it at Michaels for like 40% last year and it's just so perfect and fun! It hangs in our entryway.

The mantel all done up! We love our candle holders!

The tv stand!

This is a pumpkin Chuck bought me a couple years ago. If you plug him in he glows green! I just love him cause he's fun but kind of spooky! He gets to sit inside this year since we don't have a plug outlet in the front!

My two favorite scarecrows! I found these dolls a few years ago and this is the first year they needed minor repairs. But Mr and Mrs Scarecrow are loving their spot on the bookcase. And that little ghost figurine is another favorite of mine. Chuck and I were out shopping last year and I fell in love with him, but we were trying to only buy what we needed as we were saving money up and Chuck slyly put him in the basket. I didn't even notice til we were checking out :-)

These shelves are on our dining room wall. I love candles and firmly believe the more the merrier!

The other side of the dining room wall...

And last but not least the bathroom downstairs. We only decorate downstairs now because no one but us goes upstairs.

These guys are on the shelf above the toilet! I'm sure for a guy it might be a little creepy to have them staring at you while you are handling your business but I just love them. I found them at a local Dollar Store a few years ago. They actually stay out until after Thanksgiving!

And I am very proud of this guy. I put this together a few years ago. I bought the actual scarecrow but I put together the bag and the fall floral items that are with him. He's survived being attacked by the cats (nearly on a daily basis now) and being smushed a few times in a box. What a trooper! :-)

And just a few sink items. Another fall figurine from the dollar store and a cute candle holder Chuck bought me!

And then of course we have to have wall decorations!

I found these signs awhile ago. I can't even remember where I got them, probably the dollar store as when I first moved out thats where I bought most of my holiday decorations! They really do carry some cute items!

Well that's all folks! We love how decked out our house is from September to January 1...granted we are ready to put things away on New Years but the house is so much more fun during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas!

Anyone else all decorated for Halloween?



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