October 5, 2010


If there is one thing I love the most about Hungry Girl recipe's it's the use of the delicious VITATOPS!! These little chocolate beauties are so amazingly yummy! To think they actually are not bad for you considering they really taste like a chocolate dessert!

Well this post is a dedication to Vita Tops. Last week I decided to try out a few dessert recipes from Hungry Girl's 200 Under 200 cookbook! I chose to make the Dynamite Double Chocolate Dream Parfait and the Freezy-Cool Whoopie Pie!

The first one is super easy...just gather up some fat free whipped topping, a chocolate vita top, sugar free chocolate pudding snack, and a sugar free vanilla pudding snack!

 All you need to do is crumble up the vita top and then start layering. Start with 1/3 of the vita top crumbs then put half the chocolate pudding snack, then another 1/3 of the vita top crumbles, and then half the vanilla pudding, then the remaing vita top crumbs and then top with a dollop of whipped topping!!

Doesn't that just look so delicious! I popped it into the fridge for an hour to get it nice and chilled! Then I enjoyed!! It's almost as good as the Chocolate Trifles!

After I finished making the above parfait and waiting for it to chill I decided to try another easy and quick recipe. Has anyone ever heard of Whoopie Pies? I am sure you have, they are really amazing and really BAD for you!! Leave it to Hungry Girl to create an alternative.

Grab your fat free whipped topping and a chocolate vita top!

Cut the vita top in half and then spread some of that fat free topping on one side. Put the other side on top of the whipped topping and place in the freezer!

I let it freeze overnight and then it definitely needed to sit out on the counter for a few minutes. I prefer things a little softer and not completely frozen over!! Doesn't it look so good?

Well I'm sorry to say that I prefer the real ones!! This would probably be really good before it's frozen! But nonetheless it was still a great idea and one that I might just try when it's not frozen over. But I also know another alternative to this would be fat free chocolate grahamn crackers and fat free whipped topping. My Mom used to make these and they are only 1 weight watchers point, meaning super low in fat! I think I might just stick with those!


DavePR said...


My name is Dave and I work with Vitalicious. Thanks so much for your posting on various VitaRecipes, the pictures you took look fantastic! Make sure to keep us posted on anymore recipes you try. You can always find us on Facebook or Twitter @vitamuffin. Thanks again!

Bella said...

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for the comment. I absolutely LOVE VitaTops! I wish our stores carried more of the Vita Products!!


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