March 8, 2010

Most Important Part of the Bedroom????

While I understand most woman believe the closet to be the most important area of a bedroom I must disagree. Not to say I don't love my clothes and feel they need to be hung in a beatiful walk in closet but to be realistic it really isn't necessary and we really don't have the walk in anyways. And I don't see spending a large amount of money on a closet when I would prefer to put it towards other aspects of the house.

Now I'm not in denial, we definitely needed to do something with our closet situation. I was occupying the entire closet in our Master and Chuck took a "Dresser" and the closet in his mancave. Needless to say I missed having his clothes with mine. I just felt it was unfair for one of us not to be able to dress in our room. So while we were anticipating a long search ahead of us for the perfect closet organizer....we were pleasantly suprised at a visit to the local Wal-Mart :-)

Originally $65, we picked up this simple closet organizer on clearance for $30!

All I really cared about was having double bars to hang more clothes, while Chuck really wanted the extra shelving for his t-shirts. It was a homerun for both of us! And a t$30 we couldn't ask for better!
After emptying the closet and piling ALL of my hanging clothes on our bed!

And taking out the two plastic set of drawers for my purses, my "skinny" jeans, and scarves, you could barely see the floor or the bed! My side of the closet with just my looks so organized and clean!

Chuck's side of the closet, well what would become his side of the closet!

It only took Chuck about 20 minutes to get the closet organizer put together and functioning! It then took us about 20 minutes to hang up our clothes and find some better solutions for misc items. I am still not finished cleaning out one 3 drawer organizer, but I'm getting there!

Here is Chuck's side, not pictured is that we placed his "unmentionables" :-) into baskets that sit on the middle shelf. And I've removed the back pack up at the top. It will not find its home in the Mancave/Office room. And down at the bottom to provide him with extra shelving we are just using an old tv cart that barely got used but fit perfectly underneath his shirts!

And my lovely side of the closet! Yes it does appear Chuck has more room on his side, but I have a dresser and now a lingerie chest (Chuck set it up for me last night) that are overflowing with clothes as well. I couldnt' be happier with this simple cheap solution and I am so happy to have Chuck back in the room.

I would say though, that now is the time for me to go through my clothes and create a donation bag. I already have a bunch of donation items in the garage and need to get them out. So each night this week I am going to go through one area/drawer of clothes and put anything I haven't worn in 6 months into a donation pile.



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