March 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!

I first have to say I love the Safeway/Kohls Promotion. Last week or was it the week before? I can't remember as I feel like I'm always at the grocery store!!! Safeway and Kohls teamed up and gave Safeway Shoppers a Reward!! I got $20 Kohls cash and on Friday my coworker Laura wanted to go to Kohls to buy Easter stuff and I was so happy to tag a long since Easter is one holiday that I love but don't decorate for! Our other coworker Jamie came along too!!

And did Kohls have the deals???? I got all my Easter decorations at 60% off!! What a score!!

I got 2 cute spring placemats that I can leave out until the end of May for Spring!

These adorable vanilla smelling candles with egg shapes in them! So cute right?

Here the placements are on the table!! See that bag to the right, that is still my Scrapbooking Convention purchases! I've been so busy I haven't been able to play with them or at least put them away!!

I also picked up this adorable table runner! And instead of on the table, the placemats being enough, we moved somethings around on the TV Stand to make it fit!!!
I love it this way because we can still have our flowers out but also some pretty Easter decorations! Granted the colors don't really go together but it's only for a week now!
Anyone else out there decorate for Easter? With all the cute Easter stuff I've seen around town while shopping makes me want to start collecting to go all out next year!! Hmm maybe I should do some more shopping tomorrow on my lunch break!!!


Tracy said...

I some what decorate for Easter. Some years I go all out, others not so much. Love the stuff you got.


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