March 14, 2010


This past Saturday my Mom and I attended a 12-Hour Crop Fundraiser for a school!! It was the 4th Annual one they've had!! And it's always so much fun! This year my Mom's two friends Marie and Salley come with us as well!

When we got to our table we found these amazing goodie bags with some paper and stamps and other scrapbooking items! The ladies who organized the crop are so cute and crafty and did a custom made label on the bottled water!

And a custom made label for a candy bar! It was adorable, it had custom made ingredients list tht was just so cute!

The table space for my Mom and I and her two friends! Notice the cushion on the chair...I forgot to pack one when I left the house so I went to Wal-Mart and picked one up and I am so HAPPY that I did!

A shot of just my Mom and I's workspace! It was so much ROOM!! And I was able to use three milk crates they had lying over there as mini tables to have even more room! It made it so much easier to access things without having to hunt around!

Here is the raffle prize table! We bought some raffle tickets and entered a few. And Mom WON!! She wins every year but she got herself a nice basket that Beverly's had donated with some scrapbooking goodies!!!

We had a BLAST as usual at this crop and we both got quite a bit done. I made a decent size start into the dogs Scrapbook albums. I did a few spreads for them and then started a spread with the cats! My Mom did a couple great Disneyland pages and a cool one of my Paps with his quad!! We both had a great time!! I just wish there were more crops like this around. I wouldn't even care if there was no goodie bag or raffle. I just love coming and scrapbooking all day with other scrapbookers and spending time with my Mom!


Tracy said...

Aww that is so sweet.
Sounds like you guys had a good time. You know I have never been to a crop like this.

Yankee said...

Once I have more supplies you and I can play scrapbooking days!! I am totally down. I have sooooooo many disney pictures that need to be scrapbooked.

And other misc trips B and I have taken together :o)

Bella said...

Tracy - You really should go to one if you can! They are so much fun!!

Alycia - I cannot wait for you to start scrapbooking! It will be so much fun! Plus I have enough room in my scrapbook room that we can totally do scrapbooking days at myhouse and these types of crops! They are rare but they are so much fun!


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