March 28, 2010

Sneak Peak!!

Will I ever get a free weekend???? I doubt it but I'm okay with that. This was one of those weekends where I was working on a Home Improvement!! Since I redid my scrapbook room awhile back I really wanted Chuck to get his own space and make it his own! This weekend I got started on that project. I begin with Painting it!!!

Check out these before pictures:
The blue in this house makes me want to vomit! I am so tired of blue! I couldn't wait to get this room repainted!!
Since Chuck wanted to make his room a sports themed room, of course what else could a man cave be???, he picked red and cream, well a white but with the red he picked we didn't want to get a blinding white so we went with a Heavy Cream color!

Still a little blue lingering around.......

TA DA!! Welcome red!!! This wall has turned out so great and Chuck couldn't be happier with the colors!!

Now I just have to finish up a few trim spots and paint the shelves. Today we went on a mission to find his futon but we didn't find anything we really liked so we are back to the drawing board! Keep your eyes peeled for the Final Reveal in a few weeks :-)


Tracy said...

Oh I love that red. It looks like my craft/scrapbook room colour. Just curious how many coats did it take to get a good coverage?

Bella said...

Hi Tracy

Thanks for the comments and thanks for the beautiful blogger award :-)

Believe it or not that only took 1 coat! I know can you believe it? I used the Behr Paint and Primer in one and let me say its worth the money!!! One coat throughout the entire room!


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