March 29, 2010

Dry Spell of Good Reads

Umm let me just say how much I hated this book. I am so sorry to the author for hating her book but I hated it!!! Yes it's worthy of 3 exclamation points.

Girls Poker Night by Jill Davis was almost exhausting to read through. Not because of great story line or amazing writing, but beause of sheer lack of organization. Maybe that's what Ms Davis was going for but it was just not my cup of tea. In fact I won't waste any more typing time on this one....simply put...Don't Read It!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Next on my list is the Alternate Book: Cleaving by Julie Powell, it came a lot quicker from the library than I expected. I am starting it tonight. Another one I'll probably be disappointed in from what I've heard but I just have to read it out of curiosity!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading Cleaving right now. Have been since it came out, actually. Just can't get in to it like I did her first book. It's not bad but....just isn't 'working' for me.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip. I hate reading books that I hate. I used to make myself finish them. Until my GF told my there are to many good books out there to waste your time on the bad ones. Good advice

Bella said...

Amanda - Do you think you will finish Cleaving? I'm a little nervous about it but I've been warned at least so I know what I am getting into LOL.

Tracy - that is great advice. I need to stop finishing these books that I can't get into LOL. I am definitely not going to suffer through another book like I did with this one!

Anonymous said...

I will finish it. I'm determined to. I just don't know how long it will take me. lol.

...Tara... said...

Unfortunally i did not make the cake lol I wish. I want to try and duplicate it though. It was sooo yummy! The bottom layer was chocalate cake and the white middle tasted like the filling in the hostess cupcakes and then canother layer of chocalate cake and then fudge icing. Ugh its making me want it lol. My hubby got it from Giant Eagle.


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