March 22, 2010

Scrapbook What? Scrapbook Convention!!!!

I have been so excited for months now because Mom and I were going to the Scrapbook Convention in Pleasanton and my Aunt Stacy and cousin Jayleen were coming down from Reno to go with us!!! YAY!! Both Mom and I were very happy and anxious for this day to come!

We started our day out at 7 AM....or should I say my day started at 6 AM. And I was so excited that I ended up getting to Mom's house a half hour early! While the ladies finished getting dolled up Mom and I made some sandwiches and we were ready to go!!

Here is Mom, Aunt Stacy, and Jayleen before we headed off!

And here is a shot with Mom and Me and Jayleen! We were so ready to get on our way!
And of course being it was a Scrapbook Convention we had no problem getting a snapshot of the four of us in front of the entrance! Thanks to the kind security guard for being our own personal paparazzi! Me, Mom, Jayleen, and Aunt Stacy...ready to get our shopping on!

Here's Mom and I being goofy and showing off our admission bands!

We were able to hit up one booth before our class that started at 10:30 but that didn't matter cause it would mean we had the WHOLE afternoon to shop!! Jayleen, Mom and I took the Princess Puppy class offered by Boxer Scrapbooks (An AMAZINGLY cute Scrapbooking company...they have all your pet themed scrapbooking needs). Since I have a princess puppy at home I was super excited to get started with this class!

Here we are ready to create and learn!

The class was great. It moved pretty quickly and Mom and I totally blew it and didn't bring our paper trimmers. Thank goodness the Newbie (Jayleen) had brought a paper trimmer :-) What a smart cookie!! So while Jayleen and Mom listened to what the instructor said I cut the paper. It was fine with me because I am not really a class taker. The only two classes I've taken at these expos are ones put on by Boxer Scrapbook company! I love love love the projects! While I didn't finish my tin album there I will be finishing it at home and of course posting it here :-)

Here's a shot of Mom and I.....We must have a Kendall style picture. Chuck and I always take this style of picture because it's the two of us when we are doing something and we don't always have someone to ask to take a picture! Of course I had to make Mom take one with me!
I was dead set on only spending $100 at the Convention so I only brought $100 cash....but I did make sure to bring the debit cards!! You just never know! And I am so happy that I did! I only spent $130 dollars but if I didn't have my debit card I wouldn't have been able to get the second scrapbooking shirt I wanted...well not true because I know I could have just gone to Bank of Mom and took out a short term loan :-)
Here is a shot of all my loot from the day! It was a heavy heavy bag by the end of the day! But I was thrilled to sign up for a new scrapbook club...well new for me not for them! My Aunt and Jayleen were in this one booth and I was looking for my Mom so I stopped to see if they had seen her. And my Aunt explained to me the way this club worked! I thought I'd be a fool not to join so I did! I got 6 layout packs to start up and I can't wait to see what comes out next. If you are into Scrapbooking you should check it out: Storytellers Club. Now I don't usually buy layouts that are pre-determined, but with these you can follow their layout idea or just do your own thing. You get all the supplies and then you can decide what you want to do! I think it will be great!

Oh yes that says Scrapbook Hero! Now I'm not sure that many of you know this but I LOVE video games!! Chuck and I are OBSESSED with Guitar Hero! We have almost all the games and we will play for hours, ignoring everyone! We even had to get ourself Wireless guitars because the dogs would pull on the chord from the system! When I saw this shirt, in this AWESOME pink I knew I had to have it! A bonus it was 50% off...I scored this sweet T for only $12.oo WOO HOO!! I couldn't wait to show Chuck!

I had such a blast at this Convention and it was so much fun getting to spend time with my Aunt and Cousin! And of course I love doing this type of stuff with Mom! I walked away with lbs of new scrapbooking supplies and some new threads!
Then Sunday I took Roxy for our Weekend Walk and then Chuck and I spent the rest of the day relaxing!
And this week is going to be another go go go week! I've got a book to finish, 12 new recipes I have scheduled to try, regular work, dinner with Chuck's soon to be ex brother in law, dinner with the Family, picking out paint colors, going to Home Depot to buy paint & painting supplies and I really want to catch up on all my DVRed shows...but we'll see if that happens....oh and did I mention I'd like to scrapbook!?!?!?!


Lynn said...

wow! looks like ya'll had a fun time. and $130 i admire your restraint. can't wait to see the pages.

Hi I am Christy said...

Love that T-shirt!!!! Had lots of fun with you Kendall.

Tracy said...

Sounds like you are having fun.
Keep us posted with your purchases. I guess the bank of mom never ends no matter how old you get LOL.

Marlene said...

Don't you hate it when the newbie outsmarts you? LOL.

Looks like you had a great time. :)


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