March 8, 2010

To Rug or Not to Rug?

Another steal of deal? YES!!! I am so proud of the fact that I am CHEAP!! Yup I won't try and make it better than it is, I'm not frugal I am CHEAP! And you would be too if you were able to find some of the deals I've been able to find since we've moved into this condo.

Sunday is usually the day where we stay home all day, hang out in sweats, and just relax. But with Chuck's new work schedule Sundays have turned into our days of running errands and getting things done around the house. Honestly it doesn't bother me I am trying to be more active and I am okay with doing a few things, as long as I can spend the early evening and night doing our usual big Sunday Dinner and Movie night :)

This Sunday we went to K-Mart, originally just to pick up another matching dresser but we stumbled upon the pillow aisle. I'll admit it wasn't an accident, I've been dying to get new pillows since we picked the color scheme. While they didn't have the red or orange I wanted, we did find these nice cream colored pillows that I thought would be perfect to tone down the brightness of the pillows I just knew I would find.

$12.99 for two pillows :-)
And as we turned the corner to head to the furniture section we found ourselves staring right at some clearance room sized area rugs! While I was still unsure about wanting an area rug I knew Chuck had his heart set on one. And I was more than willing to compromise as he let me put up girlie flowers and candles :-) We found this HUGE area rug for only $35 and it matches the pillows above :-) Could this get any better!
A close up of the rug. It's simple which I really like. I just wasn't sold on the idea of getting a really patterned or bright rug. I want people to notice the decor on the TV Stand and the pictures on the wall rather than our floor.

Here is a shot of our living room with the rug in place. I'll be happy when those little bumps work themselves out and flatten to the floor. Right now they bug me a little but I know they will soon flatten. Not too bad right? Something just wasn't right with me. I hated that we had the brown pillows out still. It just didn't look right with my flowers and I really wanted our living room to have more life to it.
Chuck was such a great sport and he agreed to come with me to Big Lots as my last attempt to find pillows for the day! I grabbed a few leftover flowers to have a color match with us and we hopped in the car!

It was worth the trip! We found AMAZING pillows that not only bring in the red from the flowers but also the two shades of yellow. While at the store I was a little unsure. They weren't our normal safety solids, but I refuse to be safe anymore. I want to expand my decorating and take a chance! Aren't these so fun?

The new pillows are really amazing. They go great with the cream colored rug and pillows and they really bring out the flowers more!!!

Here is a shot of the love seat and TV stand area!

The couch! The sun was shining to brightly but the multicolored pillow is sitting on the right.

And another shot of the pillows to see how they look with the color of the couches.

And here is a shot of the whole room. Looking at pictures of our living room reminds me of how small it is, but who says small spaces can't have some fun bright colors?

We both are so happy with all the updates done on Sunday. I know Chuck loves to rug and I'm not going to lie, as much as I was against it, it does feel better on the feet than walking on the laminate flooring. Plus now the dogs and the cats sprawl out on the rug rather than on the couch hanging all over us!
Now I cannot wait to build the mantel so I can bring more red, orange and yellow into the room!! And other than the mantel we need to get our nice picture reframed and then hung above the fireplace, move the mirror to above the love seat, and paint the fireplace wall an accent color. I cannot wait for the living room to be finished....Slowly but surely we are getting there :-)
I hope everyone had a productive and GREAT weekend!


Tracy said...

Your home is coming along so nicely.
Love your closet organizers.

Anonymous said...

how fun!! I am so inspired by your thrifty spending and still getting the fabulous look you want!! thanks for the inspiration!! :)

Marlene said...

Gotta love good bargoonies! Your home looks great!


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