March 24, 2010

Party in a Shell!

Tonight I made Hungry Girl's Little Taco Salad in a Shell! I just can't express how much I love any type of Mexican food! And I am so happy that Hungry Girl provides so many recipes with Mexican makes it so much easier to eat healthy and want to eat healthy!

All the ingredients: Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Taco Seasoning, Sour Cream, Salsa, Tortilla, and Ground Beef. Now the Recipe calls for Frozen Ground Beef Style Soy Crumbles but I knew that Chuck wouldn't eat them and I don't mind eating ground beef! But in order to substitute them out I promised myself I would only eat up to 1/4 of the tortilla shell and throw the rest away!

To start you preheat oven to 425 degrees. Spray a casserole dish and put the tortilla in making a bowl shape.
Bake for 12 minutes or in my oven 15 minutes and get it nice and toasty!!

Then you let it cool and start building your salad! The way I layered it was ground beef, cheese, ketchup (instead of salsa), and then a bunch of lettuce and light sour cream on top! After taking this picture I of course just mixed all the goodies into a big mess and ate it that way :-)
Yes yes while I didn't stick strictly to the rule, I pretty much just made a low fat taco salad, but it was s yummy and since I added more lettuce than ground beef I didn't feel so bogged down after eating it. I feel good and just that little bit of ground beef sprinkled in there was more than enough for me! And as promised I ate less than 1/4 of the shell, which was so HARD!!!!! I wanted to chow it down but I dumped it in the trash as soon as I finished the salad part and I was satsified! A must try for those Mexican Food lovers!!

I just had to share because it was such a SUPRISE!! Do you ever forget some of the magazines you subscribe to? I definitely do! I completely forgot about my Taste of Home Subscription and today in the mail I got my second issue!!!! WOO HOO!! I started to go through it while eating dinner and it's got healthier recipes in it :-) And some AMAZING desserts that while they aren't healthy you better believe you will still find them making an appearance on this blog! I'll just make sure to bake them the night before work and take them into coworkers :-)

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I am so glad it's over!! And I cannot wait for this weekend! We picked the paint out for Chuck's mancave and I am attacking that room on Saturday getting it set up for him just the way he wants!!


Tracy said...

I was catching up on your blog and figured this post will cover the ones I was behind on....DELISH.
Every recipe looks so good and simple. Simple with a capital "S", is what I like.
I am seriously going to try some of these. Keep them coming.

Tracy said...

I gave you a beautiful blog award on my blog, go check it out to collect it.


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