March 14, 2010

In Case of Emergency

With all the Earthquakes occurring recently in Haiti, Taiwan and Chile we decided to get ourselves prepared. Living in California we could easily be the next to experience a massive Earthquake and needless to say we don't want to be caught without a game plan! We ordered our emergency supplies from the amazing website http:///

We got the first part of our order on Thursday and it was our 2 Person Essentials Kit.

Nice Huh??

This kit comes with everything you could imagine you would need!

We both feel more prepared now and a little relieved. Along with this we also have a tub of supplies for the pets and everything is in the closet by the door and now we just need to get our emergency cash.

I hope we don't experience an Earthquake but if we do I feel at ease that Chuck and I are prepared and we have laid out a game plan! Are you prepared for a Natural Disaster?


Tracy said...

I have always thought of making an emergency kit, but I just haven't yet.

Bella said...

They are actually super easy to put together. If we weren't in such a rush I would have put one together for us, but it was more convient to buy a premade one. But the one for the pets we put together.


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