April 3, 2010

The Breakfast Club

I am so disappointed to say that I was only able to try one new recipe from the Hungy Girl book this week. I've been so busy with work and other misc things to do that I barely cooked at all this week. It's been cereal and sandwiches for dinner....BLAH!!

I did however have one night to try a new recipe....and it was a breakfast kind of night :-) So I tried out Hungry's Girls The Breakfast Club!

The ingredients: Fat Free Egg Substitute, Extra Lean Turkey Bacon, Tomato, and Lean Ground Beef. The recipe calls for extra lean ground turkey, but since it was such a small amount I just took some of our ground beef from burgers the night before and set it aside.

First you brown the ground beef (or turkey) and after the meat is cooked all the way through you add in the egg substitute. While the eggs are scrambling you place the turkey bacon into the microwave and cook it to crispyness!!

Now I totally changed up the recipe once I got into. I guess this happens when you start getting more comfortable with adding and changing recipes as you are cooking. I warmed up a tortilla and spread some Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese on the tortilla and then added the mixture on top. The topped with meat and egg mixture with the bacon! I decided to leave out the tomatoes, just wasn't in the mood for tomatoes. For someone who has hated tomatoes until the last few months I just couldn't force myself to add them. Maybe it had to do with forcing myself to try this recipe but I just wanted to make something that would be hearty and yummy!

I wrapped this little baby up and took a first big bite. It was so warm and looked so good that I had no doubts it would be good. Unfortunately it wasn't! I was disappointed in this recipe and maybe had I followed the original recipe I would have loved it. But I just couldn't eat it. The egg didn't taste very good and I have decided I'm not a fan of the egg substitute when made into scrambled eggs. I think I might try this again but follow the directions. I might just do egg whites instead of the egg substitute but I will use ground turkey, turkey bacon, and tomatoes. No tortilla needed!!



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