April 26, 2010

Scoopable Creamsicle Crush Pie

Saturday was an extremely busy day for us! Chuck got up at 5 am to get to work and then I was lucky enough to go and have coffee with my girlfriend Alycia (check out her wedding blog and her life blog) in the morning! Then I headed home (After a quick stop at JoAnns) and got busy.

Chuck got home around 2:30 and we took the Puppies for a quick walk and then headed out to his nephews game! After the game we had a great time at a BBQ with his soon to be ex-brother in law and his nieces and nephew. Chuck's other sister also tagged along which made the kids super happy as they don't get to see her often!

It was such a beautiful day for baseball and bbq and I was excited to try out a few new recipes for some BBQ food. The first treat I made was actually out of Hungry Girl's 1-2-3 Book. I may have to eat my own words on this book because I looked through it again and found so many recipes to try!

The first up was the Scoopable Creamsicle Crush Pie.

You will need: 2 10.5 ounce (NOT 15 ounces which I stupidly bought) can of undrained Mandarin oranges, 1 large package of fat-free sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix, 2 cups fat free vanilla yogurt, 1 cup fat free whipped topping, and 10 Reduced fat Nilla Wafers.
Just the ingredients are good enough to eat on their own. I was so excited to mix them all together! You need to pour the juice from the oranges into a bowl, add the pudding mix, yogurt, and cool and mix until smooth. If you have a great Sous Chef like I do (Thanks Honey) then have them set aside 8 madarin oranges for you and then chop up the rest. Add those gently into the mix. Pour into a large pie pan or a dish like I used and let it set over night in the fridge!

The next day, preferably right before serving I had to put this together a couple hours ahead of time and the wafers got soggy, arrange the 8 mandarin oranges in a circle around the middle and then sprinkle the Nilla wafers (crushed) over the top! Ta Da!!

Now had I not screwed up and added too much mandarin juice I'm sure this would have set up super nice and been amazing! Unfortunately I found out when I went to serve it that only the top had set....:-( I am happy to report that the top layer was GREAT! And I will be remaking this recipe, but buying the correct cans of Mandarin oranges, because this was really yummy and a great summer dessert!
Check out the recipe here! Thanks Hungry Girl for restoring my faith in your 1-2-3 book!



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