April 7, 2010

Caution: Disaster Area

Not only did I move all that furniture, clean out the garage, and load my car up with donations....I also made something really yummy......Can you guess???

Let me give you a hint this goes in it!!
What is that?? some of you might ask....well that is a lovely ham bone and a piping hot pot of peas!! Oh yes I am making split pea soup! It's still simmering now and I can't wait to dry it!! I am so happy that my parents give the ham bone everytime now and I get to make Split Pea Soup! It's my favorite!!
And now onto my next project!!! This weekend I will be painting my "new" bathroom and moving into it while move Chuck's belongings into the other bathroom, my old teeny tiny one....but that is not all I am doing....I will be cleaning this space>>>>>>>>>>>>

I know horrible right! It's a MESS!! I still have the totes sitting in there (empty) waiting to be put out in the garage!

Is there even room to navigate????
I am determined to get my scrapbook room clean and be able to work on Bridal Shower name tags this weekend in there...and maybe even sew myself a new apron! I need an alternative to my V-Day one and my Christmas one!! Heck maybe I'll even go crazy and scrapbook a page!! We'll see if I even get the name tags done...I never seem to have enough time in the day....anyone else feel like work gets in the way of more important things like scrapbooking and sewing?


Tracy said...

Don't you just love home improvements.


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