April 7, 2010

Honey Are We Done Yet??????

The weekend before last I painted Chuck's mancave! And it sat their empty for a week before we could move furniture around!

Well we didn't get everything that we wanted to do done but today after work I got a lot done!

I dragged up a 50 lb awkward futon mattress! This thing felt like 1000 lbs!! I also had to bring up the corner tv stand and put that heavy tv on top of it! Boy did my "guns" get a work out this afternoon!

Even after getting all the furniture moved upstairs and other furniture moved downstairs the room doesn't work the way we thought it would! So now we have to rearrange all this furniture again!! But funny how I say we, when today it was just me....I think I'll leave it to Chuck to rearrange it this time :-) Can't wait to get this room set up for now...then brand new floors and baseboards, and hopefully crown molding in May!



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