April 26, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I don't think I've ever really mentioned that I am a baseball fan! I love the Oakland Athletics and a tradition my Paps and I started a few years back was that every year we go to a baseball game together and almost every year we've been able to go when the A's are playing the Baltimore Orioles (my Paps favorite team)....this year was one of those lucky years that we were able to see Baltimore play...not only did we see them once but we saw them twice :-) It was a last minute decision to go to the Friday night game but we were both so EXCITED! I could go every weekend if I could afford it and if we didn't have so much going on. I love being at the park and seeing my boys play!

Anywho I just had to share pictures!

This is from Friday nights game! My camera has an awesome feature called a Sport feature which helps with stopping any blurring while capturing a moving shot...this wasn't a moving shot but it still helped with the lighting and the field looks just awesome! I might have this shot blown up and put it in Chuck's Mancave (if he'll let me :) )

And here is me and Paps right when we got there friday night. We made AMAZING time on Friday night so we got to watch the Oriole's warm up for a bit! The seats we got were only 28 rows up from home plate !! They were AWESOME seats!

Here is a shot of the view from out seats for Saturday's afternoon game! It was such a GORGEOUS day!! And we made sure to get down there early to get our bobble heads! It was great to get there early because we got to see some of the A's warming up...and one of those A's was my favorite hunky man Travis Buck! He didn't play either day we went (suprise suprise) but I got a great view of him during warm!!

Here is a great shot of my Paps and I right before we left my parents. My Mom made sure to take a few pictures of us before we left and I am so happy! We always take a picture at the field but it's so nice to have a nice picture of us in our gear :-)

I am so happy baseball season has started and so excited my Paps and I got to see the A's SPANK the Orioles in the series :-) Saturday's game was so close but the A's pulled it out in the bottom of the 9th saturday (Thanks to the Orioles pitcher)!
Anyone else out there going to any baseball games this year?


Tracy said...

I don't know why your posts havent' been coming through my dashboard feed.
But I checked over the blogs that I missed. Those desserts look soooooo good.

Bella said...

Hi Tracy!! I think that the posts are showing because I literally did all those entries yesterday LOL Because I've been so busy I haven't had time to blog at night so I updated them all yesterday :) And those desserts were AMAZING and easy! I know you aren't a big cook but you must make the cream puffs :)


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