April 11, 2010

Almost Complete.....

Yesterday and Today Chuck worked on finishing up his Mancave!! He got all his furniture rearranged and his little knick knacks put out!! It looks so great and it's definitely him! Now we just have to frame a couple of his jersey's and then do the new flooring and baseboards in May :-)

Check out his guy space:

The sign above the window says "What Happens in the Mancave, Stays in the Mancave". My Mom found it for him awhile back and gave it to him for Christmas.

Of course it has to have 49ers and Giants stuff...but he's so sweet and is keeping my A's stuff in there on their own separate shelf!
Check out his clock above the door. Another gift from my parents, it's a Warrior's Clock! Also you can kind of see the red more here. I still have to touch up a few spots and we are going to do Crown Molding in.
Hi comfy "used" futon. We got the futon frame and mattress off craigslist but then I bought us a brand new cover for it and it looks great now! We also finally got to break out his new pillows and put the Giants Pillow I made him out!

Doesn't it look great???? He is so happy with it! He spent all afternoon in there yesterday and as much time as possible today! I am so happy he likes it!


Tracy said...

Lucky guy. Love the red.

Hi I am Christy said...

Yeah, the man cave looks great!! Can't wait to see it in person.


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