April 3, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Easter??

How anyone could dislike Easter is beyond me! I love Easter, the colors, the food, and of course the Easter Egg Dying are amazing!

Tonight Chuck and I will be dying Easter Eggs and I cannot wait!! He was called into work early today which means he'll be home by 6 WOO HOO!! I am planning cooking a nice dinner, something warm as it's been raining here, and then we will be spending the evening dying eggs!

Anyone else out there dying eggs?


Tracy said...

I want to dye eggs. My daughter said I should dye some eggs so she could take pictures of them....I think we should all dye eggs, its fun.

Amanda said...

One of my favorite childhood memories with my granny was of us dying the eggs for easter. It was always so much fun. Buying one of those kits and getting the dye on our hands! I miss those days.

I convinced my sister to use her rubber stamps to make cool eggs this year.

Bella said...

Dying eggs is so much fun! You should dye eggs Tracy! And then post pictures :-)

Okay Amanda...you must tell me how your sister did the eggs....any pictures? I would love to rubber stamp eggs!

Amanda said...



That's the link to the blog that I found about using stamps on the eggs. If my sister actually does it, I'll make sure to post pics.


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