April 15, 2010

An Apple a Day.....

I guess I'm a little out of order tonight on my posts....as I made these on Wednesday night! I knew our apples were going to start going bad and I decided to use them up!! I made the Creamy Vanilla Dip, but even with cutting up a couple apples to dip in that I still had 7 left!

Of course you already know where I'm going with this....I pulled out the trusty Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 book...and flipped to the section specifically for apples!!

I am a HUGE fan of breakfast foods and when I came across the Chunky Apple-Cinnamon Muffins I knew I had my recipe to try!

Like the Blueberry Muffins this recipe called for quite a few ingredients!

Fat Free Egg Substitute, Whole Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar, Baking Powder, Fat Free Pancake Syrup, Splenda, Non Fat Vanilla Soy Milk, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, 1 cup peeled and cut apples, Salt, and Butter (not pictured, but trust me the recipe calls for it).

First you are instructed to make the topping...granted mine didn't turn out quite right but I think I just used a little too much butter.
Yum....the batter looked good enough to eat...and it smelled amazing! I was ready to pop these babies in the oven so I could have my house smell like apple cinnamon!

Suprisingly the recipe only makes 4 muffins...thats perfectly fine with me as Chuck's not a huge breakfast eater and I hate throwing away food...Into the oven they go...bake at 400 degrees.

Gosh they smelled so good! I couldn't resist...I was willing to risk spoiling my dinner for one of these and let me tell you...it was WORTH it!!!

These muffins are amazing!! Apple lovers around the world you MUST make these! I don't usually like chunks of anything my muffins...I'm a huge texture person but I'll make an except for these little apple cinnamon delights any day!! Since it's a long recipe I'll just give you the link (you will need to scroll down) to the recipe... Enjoy ladies and gentlemen because these are super delicious...my only advice...try one as soon as it comes out of the oven...


Tracy said...

These do look delish. Mind you everything you make looks really good.
Question: How do you get things on the side of your blog, example your award, your reading list.

Yankee said...

I just bought her 1-2-3 cook book! it looks yummy :o)

Bella said...

OH NO I hope you like it...I'm not a big fan of that book. I pre ordered it and was disappointed :-( I'll be curious to see how you like it!

And Tracy -

I add HTML boxes to my page layout section and then put together the HTML coding for the lists...I can type up a mini tutorial for you if you'd like...just let me know...


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