April 7, 2010

Can I Get a Favor?????

Saturday I was planning on paint my "new" bathroom and switching them around....but it was supposed to rain all weekend and it had rained all week so I had to postpone the paint party!

But it gave me an entire Saturday to finish up those Favor Boxes for my best friend Jenny's bridal shower!! I am so happy with how these have turned out!!

Here is a shot of all of them!!
A close up show of the variety of colors for the flowers!

It's kind of hard to tell but I put rhinestones in the middle of each flower for the bud!

A better shot of the rhinestones! These little suckers were supposed to be easy, they were supposed to already have adhesive on the back of them! But when you pulled the rhinestones of the sheet the adhesive came right off! I ended up having to hot glue them all individually but it was worth it. The rhinestones are just enough flash!

Now I can't wait for the bridal shower so I can put a cupcake in these and tie the green riboon around the other side and a bow on top!! They are going to be so cute and they were so easy to do!!



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