April 11, 2010

Vegetables Gained...Pounds Lost!

Yesterday was a GREAT day but a BUSY Day! I just wanted to share a few pictures of things I am proud of from yesterday!

I went Grocery Shopping yesterday for the millions of ingredients I needed for the new recipes I'm going to try! And as I was walking around the grocery store I noticed that for the first time I felt at ease in the produce aisle. I actually knew where the veggies I needed were. I know I know....how sad that I'm 23 years old and have been grocery shopping on my own since I was 19 and I am just now buying fresh produce...It amazed me too! But I was amazing in a great way! I was so proud of all the veggies I bought that I had to take a picture. Never have I had this many veggies in my house since I moved out! And this is just what I bought that day, I still had tomatoes and cucumbers in the fridge!!
With all those veggies you better believe I put them to good use with dinner. We did a crock pot roast which we included carrots and celery and then I made the Miracle Mashie's and Cornbread muffins! Can you believe it there was a total of 5 veggies with our dinner last night! It tasted so good!! And yes even with all those veggies I deserved a nice cold brewskie with dinner...
Another reason I am so excited about all these veggies is because they are paying off!! I have noticed that my jeans have been getting baggier and baggier and I couldn't ask my Paps to put another hole in my belt because we hit design. I decided to test the waters, while home alone by myself, no one to see me struggle with a size smaller pair of jeans..
To my amazement there was no struggle! I slipped into these jeans (one size smaller than I am wearing now) and they fit!!!!!!!! Granted a little snug when I sit down and I prefer comfort but that just means I am not far from being able to wear these and toss the old ones!! I had to share a picture because as of yesterday I have lost 17lbs! I still dont' feel like it shows very well but I can feel the difference and that is all that matters! I still have a ways to go but I am getting there slowly but surely :-) And ignore the mess of the bathroom...I painted it yesterday...those pictures will be coming soon!!

To anyone out there who might be struggling with weight like me keep it up! I have extremely bad days where I get so down on myself for being such a fattie but these small changes I'm making in my life are well worth it to me! I just can't wait until I am down 2 more sizes in jeans!!



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