April 21, 2010

"Swirls Gone"...Wrong!

Boy has it really been 6 days since my last post???EEK! I have been so busy lately I haven't had time to do anything or write anything! I am throwing a bridal shower next weekend for my best friend and it's been hectic getting things ready, as I only had one month notice! But it's going to be amazing and I am super excited! On top of that Life gets in the way, always, and I just got handed a huge project for work...why am I blogging right now then...shouldn't I be working??? Yes I should but I also NEED a break! So I'm typing up a quick post!

My small office usually does a potluck every couple of months so that we can all get our grub on and have a fun 1.5 hour lunch with each other on a friday! Since we weren't able to fit one in before Easter we decided to do a Post-Easter potluck with no theme!

After being so successful with my Hungry Girl Recipes I decided to bring in a couple Hungry Girl Foods. I made the Holy Moly Guacamole and tried a new one. The "Swirls Gone Wild" Cheesecake Brownies sounded perfect!!

I gathered all my ingredients: Sugar Free French Vanilla Powder creamer, devils food cake mix, Splenda, Fat Free Cream Cheese at room temperature, 15 ounces of Pumpkin, and vanilla extract.

Mix the pumpkin and the devils food. Then spread out in a greased 13 x 9 pan.
Mix together the rest of the ingredients for the cream cheese topping....

And then swirl it into the brownie mix!! YUM!

Pop them in the oven and wait....the top actually looks like marshmallows that have been toasted to me LOL

Unfortunately I was super disappointed in these and won't be making them again :-(....The best part was the after taste. I even took them into work to let my coworkers try and no one, not even the guy who eats everything, liked them! Lucky for us another coworker brought in her AMAZING MIL's Caramel Filled brownies....at least we didn't go without a dessert.
If you are daring enough to try these here is the recipe!


Anonymous said...

Sorry they weren't enjoyable. I hate when I try something that sounds so amazing but falls flat.

Good luck with all your projects!

Alyssa said...

I worked for Hungry Girl for a short while.. and some of the recipes are great, and some are definitely fat-free tasting!!! :)
Sorry they didn't turn out!

Tracy said...

Aww that sucks that they weren't good. I'll take your word on it.


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