April 26, 2010

Bridal Shower Name Tags

Boy is time flying these days...I've had so much to do with preparing for the Bridal Shower that I forgot I needed to slow down other aspects of my life in order to make time for preparations :-) Of course with Baseball season going strong I have to do most of my crafting downstairs so I can watch the game :-)

Did I slow down? No of course not! I am a busy bee by nature and I can't say that I hate it. I like to be busy and doing things...that doesn't mean I don't like to relax...believe me Sundays are my one day to really do nothing...

This past week I tackled the Bridal Shower Name Tags project! My awesome Mom gave me her Cricut (because she got the bigger one) and then of course showed me how easy it is to make name tags using the cricut. Now let me explain...my Mom is always up on the new scrapbooking supplies and is AMAZING at her use of them.....I, on the other hand, have tended to be slow and resistance to latching on to these new gadgets! She had to buy me my cuttlebug in order to get me to stop cutting out every letter of my title by hand LOL and even then I still love my stencils :-) But she has sucked me into the AWESOMENESS of the Cricut! It didn't take much :-)

I sat down one night last week, watched the A's game and started cutting out name tags!
Here is the amazing Cricut!

oooohhh a view of the inside :-)
And the start of the creation of name tags :-) The colors we are using for the shower are pink, green, and purple! I wanted to do fun Spring colors and these turned out to be so much fun!

Remember the Favor boxes?? I had some leftover flowers and they were the smaller version of the ones on the favor boxes so I added those to the name tags and of course some BLING!

They turned out just as I hoped :-) I wrote the names on them and added a little more sparkle! Theses pictures don't show the glitter because I added it after the names (and I didn't take pictures yet eek!) but they are no complete and just awaiting for Saturday to make their debut!!


Tracy said...

These are so cute. Love the spring colours.

Yankee said...

Thanks for the shout out in your previous post! :o)

These look so cute! You are so crafty. Which reminds me- do you know how to do envelope liners?! It is an idea I am toying with but I would have no idea how to install and thought I'd ask the genious :o)

Bella said...

Thanks Ladies :)

Alycia - Yes I do know how to do envelope liners...are you wanting to do your own for your invites?? I can definitely be of assistance!

Yankee said...

OHMYGOSH!! i rova you! (that is brian/fob talk for i love you)

i am in discussions with someone who is going to design my invites ( i hope) and she has these really cool designs for invite liners, but she wants 1.25 to cut and install them. so i was thinking if someone at least knew about them that i could just get them all printed up and install them from home.

i also need help with picking paper!


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