April 7, 2010


I am so excited to say that I went and got my hair done least week! And I don't mean going to have it trimmed at Great Clips! *GASP* Yes I know I said Great Clips and Yes I am ashamed to admit it! I am cheap, cheap, cheap! Don't get me wrong I LOVE to spend money, I just like to be on the cheap side so I can buy MORE!!!

I finally made a HUGE step in my hair maintenance choices! I went to a REAL SALON! A NICE REAL SALON!!!! And the experience was delightful!! I was asked multiple times if I'd like a "beverage", yes they said beverage! And going in I knew the way I wanted it cut but I didn't know if I wanted to dye it or highlight! And the girls chose and I couldn't have picked a better color! When they washed and conditioned my hair, I'm in heaven just on those two, the chair was a massaging chair! A choose your own speed and desired zone massaging chair!! And while the highlights were soaking in they left me alone to just enjoy my book. No interruptions, no distractions!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh I could have sat their all day!!!

But yes I am just rambling now because I could go on for DAYS at how happy I was with going to this REAL salon. The main point is that I cut my hair! WOO HOO!!

Here it is outside...you can see a little bit of red, and yes look at that shine, that shine the girls so nicely pointed out is so abnormal in a jealous way! I'm sure they were just being nice but I ate up the compliment and could have gone for seconds!!
A better look at the other side with the A-Line.

The front view, not much different than how I normally get it done when I cut it short! And thank goodness those bangs just keep growing and growing! I can't wait until they are long enough to tuck behind my ear!
A view of the top with the highlights!!

And the super cute back!! I love this look and it's so EASY to style!! I love that I can keep hair off my neck and with the right shirt (this not being the "right" shirt) you can see my tattoo!! And I love showing it off!!

You can also see more of the red in the picture above! I love red!!!
I have to be honest here, spending more money was extremely worth it!! Thank you so much to the girls at this salon for being so sweet and making those three hours of my life extremely relaxing and best of all....all about me :-)
Everyone needs to make sure to take that time, spoil yourself and enjoy every minute of guilt free!!


Yankee said...


Who did you end up going with?!

Bella said...

I went to Salon 12 in Rincon Valley and went to a girl named Grey! She was awesome :-)


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