April 11, 2010

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

I got up this morning before Chuck and decided to whip us up some yummy cinnamon rolls!! So of course I went straight to my Hungry Girl cookbook and found a recipe for Gooey Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting!!

I gathered all the ingredients: Brown Sugar, Splenda, I Can't Believe it's not butter spray, light butter, Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls, Fat Free Cream Cheese, Cinnamon and fat free whipped topping.

Roll out the cresent rolls into a 8 inch by 12 inch rectangle. Mine wasn't exact, I'm not a huge fan of rolling out these dang things. I have to roll them out for the Hungry Girl Pot pie that I make and it's a pain in the booty!!

In between rolling it out into a sheet and it becoming this...see below....you must whip up the filling. You will need to combine the brown sugar, splenda, light butter, cinnamon, and salt. Then you spray the crescent roll sheet with the I can't believe it's not butter spray and spread the filling, leaving some room on the outside edges. Then roll it up tightly.

From there you cut it into 8 different pieces. Then you place them on a baking sheet and cover with aluminum foil and pop them into the oven. It says for 8 minutes in the book, but with our oven it took 18 minutes.
While it was baking away I whipped up the frosting. And this small recipe makes A LOT of frosting...you combine the cream cheese, fat free whipped topping, and Splenda. You whip it up until it's nice and smooth and pretty like this.....

Mmmmm can you smell them??? Between the lovely smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls my stomach was growling!!! One of the best weekend breakfasts you could ask for!!
These were some delicious cinnamon rolls!! Don't get me wrong there is nothing like a Cinnabun cinnamon roll but these are under 200 calories and I can enjoy them without having to leave the house!!

It was a great sunday and it started off with a super delicious breakfast!!
For those wanting the recipe here's a link....I just can't type up the entire recipe...it's long!


Tracy said...

It does look yummy, well besides the coffe, I dont' like coffee

Bella said...

LOL...I loved your blog posting about Coke :-) Coffee is definitely not for everyone! But the best part of my coffee that day was not only was I eating cinnamon rolls but the creamer in my coffee was cinnamon roll flavored creamer :-)

Yankee said...

oh my gosh, i might just have to buy this book. i have drooled over a dozen recipes.. those cinamon buns.. yuuuum!


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