April 13, 2010

Bathroom Makeover is Complete

This past weekend I was finally able to paint my bathroom. The weatherman told me it was going to rain all day on Sunday so Saturday morning I made sure to get up first thing and start painting....but when I looked outside that morning it was extremely overcast! After a quick phone call to my Paps, who reassured me it would be fine to paint, I got to work!

Awhile ago my Mom and I did a free promotion from Glidden paint and we got 6 cans of paint for me :-) I was so thankful my Mom did it because I got two cans of each color I wanted.

For my new master bathroom I chose to use the Warm Caramel color that I got!!

The walls all taped up and ready to be painted!! If you can't tell these are an off white color.
The other wall that I was not going to be painting.....

The BEAUTIFUL color!! I thought this color was going to be darker but I was still happy with it...hey it's free and a lighter color is better in the bathroom than a dark color.

Now here comes the after shots!! I was suprised that I was able to paint two walls in my bathroom with just one can of the paint......
The wall you see when you first walk into the bathroom.

Last night Chuck and I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items so I thought I'd check out new bathroom towels. These were strictly decorative items and I am a cheap-o so Wal-Mart was going to be perfect :-) And I was so happy to find these burgundy colored towels.
Here is a shot of the vanity and the new color on the walls! I am just so in love with the Burgundy and the Warm Caramel colors!!

And one of the BEST parts of this bathroom are these amazing built in shelves. I didn't have these in my old teeny tiny bathroom so my makeup and hair stuff ended up ALL over the place! Now I can store it all on the shelves and keep my bathroom tidy!!
I cannot even express how happy I am with the way my bathroom turned out. It was not my original plan but I think it's better than ever and a refreshing change! I am so thankful that Chuck suggested we switch bathrooms because now I have enough room to blow dry my hair and store all my girlie stuff :-) And another bonus, Chuck is happier in the smaller bathroom...
I just love home improvements...anyone out there doing any recent improvements???


Tracy said...

I love that colour. Actually it looks simimal to my bathroom colour. I love the towels too. Isn't it amazing what paint can do to a room.

Anonymous said...

That looks good. I wish I could paint that well. I rent a house and I'm not even allowed to paint. Not that I would anyway. I don't like having to then repaint when I move out. Wanna come paint for me? ;)

...Tara... said...

looks great. like what you did :)

Bella said...

Thanks Everyone :-)

Amanda - I would LOVE to come paint for you! I love painting...it's so relaxing to me!!

Tracy - It is AMAZING what a little bit of paint can do for a room!! It makes me anxious to paint the other 2 bathrooms in the house!!!

Brian said...

so NOT doing any home improvements now. you're making me jealous :o(

**it's alycia, btw. i was too lazy to sign brian out**

Bella said...

LOL Alycia I CANNOT wait to start working with you on doing your place :-) We need to seriously plan a day to start formulating ideas!!


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