April 9, 2010


Another book down Ladies and Gentlemen! I am very excited to say that I actually liked Julie Powell's Book, "Cleaving".....

Because I was forewarned about this book I was prepared to meet the other side of Julie Powell. In her first novel, Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously you meet the sweet and somewhat eccentric Julie Powell that we also fell in love with while watching the movie (Julie and Julia) but this Julie that you meet in Cleaving is quite different!

Yes she has an affair, which in turn her husband does as well. Not that I think cheating of any kind is acceptable who are we to judge her? I am slightly irritated that people think she is a disgusting person because of an affair! I think she is completely different from what the world was introduced to and that is why people dislike the book. It's not because she had an affair, it's not because she took up butchery, it's because this "real" Julie isn't the one they fell in love with.

Not only did Julie Powell inspire me in her first novel to try new recipes, but in Cleaving she inspired me to want to take risks! She embarks on a journey to find herself and in that she is daring enough to try a new profession and travel the world! While I'm not sure I'd want to do anything she does in this book, it does make me want to take more risks.

If you can get past the affair, which is no one's business but her and Erics, and past some of the gross sections about meat then you will probably enjoy this book. While I have no desire to own this book, unlike her first novel that will remain on my bookshelf until the day I die, I am happy I read it....

Now onto Something Blue by Emily Giffin. Here's hoping it's way better than Something Borrowed.


Anonymous said...

Please note...I didn't dislike the book because of the affair. That part just didn't sit well with me. I don't find her disgusting. I even read her blogs.

Glad you liked the book though! Good for you!

Did you, at any point, ever want to smack "D"? He kind of irritated me with how he reacted to what Julie told him.

Bella said...

I agree, her having an affair is something that I didn't like but with the way her husband also had a girlfriend I just couldn't get upset over it like I thought I would.

I actually wanted to smack her LOL. I wanted to be like why are you obsessing over this guy LOL!!

Did you finish it as well?

Anonymous said...

I was more upset that she kept going with Eric instead of actually sitting down and talking things through. I did finish it. It took me some time but I did.


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