April 7, 2010

To Dye For!

I know I'm a little late, Easter is over! I understand this but I still had to share because it is so much fun!!

Saturday night Chuck and I dyed Easter Eggs!! We did 11, 1 cracked in the process of boiling, and we had fun! But it was quite different than what I'm used to! Usually my Mom will do something at her house, but not this year. I think Easter kind of snuck up on all of us!

But anywho Chuck and I had fun dying eggs, it went by super quick but we still went all out!

We chose to mix with vinegar to gives us Vibrant Colors!!
Unfortunately I screwed up the tabs and the orange ended up in the Green cup, the green ended up in the Yellow Cup and the yellow ended up in the orange cup! The rest were perfect! ;-)

Check out that dipping technique...

We had some pretty cool eggs :-) I did one that was of course Half Green and Half Yellow for my Oakland A's!!
The best part about these eggs....the next day when we made them into deviled eggs!! Yum!!!
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We spent the morning at Chuck's Mom's house for a super delicious brunch and then we had an early dinner at my Parents which was amazing as usual! Since we couldn't open up our croquet season because of the pouring rain all day my Parents bought a new game to play! And I highly recommend buying Battle of the Sexes. It was so hilarious and so much fun! And let's be honest no matter who wins Woman will always be the better sex! Am I right?
Easter was so much fun this year and I hope everyone had a great one as well!!



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